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ULARI ECO Radio Interface Hardware

ULARI ECO Radio Interface is based on NanoPi Neo 1.4 512 MB module from FriendlyARM. The device consists of a microprocessor module and an HAT board (HAT stands for “Hardware attached on top“) with all necessary external components. The whole system includes:

  • Radio 6-pin minidin connector (Microsat standard, WX3in1-like pinout),
  • A 100 Mbit Ethernet connector,
  • USB connector,
  • RS-232 serial port (via 6-pin minidin connector),
  • DS18B20 thermometer connector,
  • Four SMD leds informing about device operation,
  • SD CARD connector for operating system image.
This is not a standalone radio transceiver. You need a proper VHF or UHF amateur radio station to use the device for packet transmission and reception.

ULARI ECO Radio Interface photos

ULARI ECO Radio Interface side 1 view ULARI ECO Radio Interface connectors view ULARI ECO Radio Interface side 2 view ULARI ECO Radio Interface HAT PCB view ULARI ECO Radio Interface NanoPi Neo module

Radio 6-pin minidin socket is connected to microprocessor audio peripheral via a suitable analog frontend including necessary signal filtering, amplification and high frequency supression.

Rear panel RS-232 port pinout

RS-232 port can be used to connect any serial port devices with RS-232 voltage levels. Devices with low current consumption can also be powered from this connector. GPS-RS232/Microsat/2 is compatible and works nice.

Minidin 6 pinout

  • Pin 1 – 5V output, do not short-circuit, max. current 100mA,
  • Pin 2 – GND,
  • Pin 3 – hard-wired to negative voltage for WS-2300/WS-2350 weather station support,
  • Pin 4 – RS-232 Port 2 TXD,
  • Pin 5 – RS-232 Port 2 RXD,
  • Pin 6 – not used.

Front panel RADIO port pinout

RADIO port pinout is the same as in Microsat WX3in1 and PLXTracker/PLXDigi line of devices. Cables can be used interchangeably.

Minidin 6 pinout

  • Pin 1 - not connected,
  • Pin 2 - APRS audio output from the device to the microphone input of the radio. This output also acts as a PTT by shorting pin to ground through a 2k2 resistor - an option for portable radios that do not have a separate PTT input (selectable in configuration software, 2k2 resistor is built-in),
  • Pin 3 - not connected,
  • Pin 4 - APRS audio input from radio to WX3in1,
  • Pin 5 - Ground pin,
  • Pin 6 - PTT output - if the external PTT output is selected in device configuration, this pin is shorted to ground while broadcasting.
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