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ULARI Radio Interface PCBULARI stands for “Ultimate Linux Amateur Radio Interface” and it is intended to be a set of devices which utilize Linux-enabled microprocessor modules to serve in the field of amateur radio and related use.

During several years of device development at my Microsat company I realised that the weakest part of my products was a closed-source software. Writing every part of code by yourself and from the scratch, is complicated and very time-consuming. Also managing the source code and working on firmware updates are much harder now when I have two children consuming most of my CPU time, while my mind is still single-core :).

And on the other hand with Linux-based Open Source software we can do a lot of things by using and sharing work with others. With some operating system knowledge we can make use of many external devices like 3G/LTE modems, different USB dongles, and hardware and software interfaces of any kind. Possibilities are endless with a lot of work already done by Open Source enthusiasts and one single-board-computer can be used for many different tasks with only a software modification.

ULARI Radio Interface is my first Linux-based design, and it is my attempt to utilize Open Source in a fully functional product.

ULARI Transceiver VHF 7W is a more advanced design containing 136-174 MHz VHF receiver and transmitter, 7 Watt hybrid RF amplifier, and a 7-pole lowpass filter. The RF part is similar to this known from my APRS Voyager, but this time it is improved and covers the whole 136-174 MHz and thus it can be used for a lot more tasks than APRS.


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