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ULARI VHF7W Duo2 PCBULARI stands for “Ultimate Linux Amateur Radio Interface” and it is intended to be a set of devices which utilize Linux-enabled microprocessor modules to serve in the field of amateur radio and related use.

During several years of device development at my Microsat company I realised that the weakest part of my products was a closed-source software. Writing every part of code by yourself and from the scratch, is complicated and very time-consuming. Also managing the source code and working on firmware updates are much harder now when I have two children consuming most of my CPU time, while my mind is still single-core :).

And on the other hand with Linux-based Open Source software we can do a lot of things by using and sharing work with others. With some operating system knowledge we can make use of many external devices like 3G/LTE modems, different USB dongles, and hardware and software interfaces of any kind. Possibilities are endless with a lot of work already done by Open Source enthusiasts and one single-board-computer can be used for many different tasks with only a software modification.

[Update 15 May 2021]ULARI Transceiver VHF 7W” and “ULARI Radio Interface” devices were discontinued because the manufacturer of Linux-based boards for these devices (NanoPi Duo modules) stopped manufacturing them without any earlier notice. These products were replaced by ULARI Transceiver VHF7W Duo2 and ULARI ECO Radio Interface respectively.

ULARI Transceiver VHF 7W Duo2 is a direct replacement for discontinued ULARI Transceiver VHF 7W. Improvements over the previous version include a Linux module with better supported Wifi chip, revised heatsink fastening, and laser-cut screening cap for low-pass filter.

ULARI ECO Radio Interface is an attept to find a relatively cheap Linux-based solution for APRS using an external radio station connected in the same way (and with the same cables) as my well-known WX3in1 line of products.

ULARI Radio Interface is my first Linux-based design, and it is my attempt to utilize Open Source in a fully functional product.

ULARI Transceiver VHF 7W is a more advanced design containing 136-174 MHz VHF receiver and transmitter, 7 Watt hybrid RF amplifier, and a 7-pole lowpass filter. The RF part is similar to this known from my APRS Voyager, but this time it is improved and covers the whole 136-174 MHz and thus it can be used for a lot more tasks than APRS.


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